So much of what was said in the video resonated with me, I am now after 5 years of practicing yoga starting to learn the philosophy, which is so much vaster than the physical aspect of it that I  was first introduced to. 

Yoga has given me a much deeper connection to my body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Yoga has allowed me to sit with myself in uncomfortable, strenuous poses, has challenged me in gaining more control of my thoughts and my mind. 

Has allowed me to become more present, through mindfulness I can catch myself when my thoughts are racing and if it is bringing me to a negative space, I can catch it before my emotions run wild. 

Yoga is 

It is union, a lifelong journey, it is a way of life, it is healing, it is recovery, it is a constant learning process, a gift I can share with others as a practice and also in being a calmer, kinder more present human

When I was able to find some light after I got sober from addiction 5 years ago I was drawn to yoga, yoga has helped me find peace within myself, it helped to shed more light into my darkness. 


We all have darkness, the practices help us to face our fears, stop running from them, knowing the darkness is a part of us, but it doesn’t have to control us anymore. 

We can face it, we can embrace it, yoga teaches us to embrace it with love, compassion, shining a brighter light on it, instead of just locking it away and running from it like we may have for years. 

Maybe our darkness expressed itself in unhealthy coping mechanisms such as various forms of addiction and is related to what is talked about in the Kleshas, the obstacles or sufferings. 

12 Steps

Through integration of yoga and the 12-step program I have been able to free myself of my past, face my demons, stop running, and escaping reality. I really connected with what was  said in the video “Happiness means you are free from anything haunting you”. I can say today I feel very free and happy. 

Brings Us Back

“Yoga brings us back to the truth, what we really want and who we really are”. In the video it talks about transformation, and how yoga is the great destroyer, but also the connector, it breaks molds and is why yoga is such a transformative path. 

It certainly was for me, and it will continue to be, now that I have been doing it for years and have seen such a change in myself in so many ways for the better. I am ready to take the extra step to deepen my knowledge and understanding of this incredible practice, so I can share this with others. 

We need to heal and overcome our faults in order to evolve, yoga can empower you, yoga can help cleanse and purify us, not only in the body, but in the mind and emotions, so we are left clear.”


Through this clarity we are able to discover our true self, and sit with that self comfortably, we can find enlightenment and purpose. 

At this point in my life I feel more clearer than I’ve ever been, through this journey I will gain more clarity and discovery of my true self, path and purpose.