I believe the soul is found in your belly. You could call it your spirit, a gut feeling, your intuition. 

Regardless of where you call home in Canada  – VancouverTorontoMontreal, I believe it is that little voice inside you that guides you, that tells you to stay true to who you are deep down inside. 

It is not new, it has been there since our existence, it is our existence. I thought for a while your soul resided in your brain. 


After all, that’s where most of us here the chatter, the voice inside of us. However, that voice inside our head seems different than our soul, sometimes it even misguides us. 

It lives in distortions based on how it perceives the world and often lives in fear. I believe the soul thinks independently where the brain is influenced by other sources. 

Although these sources can be beneficial to some and have good intentions, they aren’t always accurate to whats best for you. 


The soul stays more connected to your purpose and doesn’t alter itself to please others, take the easy route or follow the pact. 

I have lived most of my life with high anxiety, even as a child I was very anxious with unreasonable fears that worried me and caused me stress

After a combination of anxiety reducing methods with some relief but not enough to be satisfied, I searched for answers on anxiety relief and made great discoveries. 


Educating myself about my soul has been very beneficial to me related to my anxiety. The rediscovering of my soul gave me security and a sense of belonging, it lessened my fears. 

Yoga with its combination of breath, movement and spiritual guidance incorporated a beautiful calm in me which relieve some anxiety

A lower heart rate, better sleep and happier thoughts all products of yoga. Initially the physical fitness and body health benefits were attractive to me but with time I came to enjoy more of the spiritual side in yoga and often heard in classes and readings references to the soul. 


It’s a moment of awe when your brain and body become relaxed enough you can think more clearly and listen to yourself. I found in moments my brain was panicked and therefore I acted out with fight or flight more than any other action or feeling. 

Regular practice of yoga, meditation and breathing allowed me to listen to more than my fears and I believe this is when I rediscovered my soul. 

My soul knows the true me, its accurate to the life I want to live and not jaded by my outside influences. It is calm, confident and leads with peace. 

I think most of our souls have similar feelings, its not exclusive to me. 


The soul wants to be in harmony with the world. The soul is old yet juvenile, calm yet strong, self assured yet open. I believe without the soul we are not present, we do not exist. 

Our body is a physical transport for the soul. Both needed and appreciated. Its been wonderful for me to learn the value of the body and now through yoga to learn both about the body and the soul.

A lesson I am excited to learn about more.