After doing a yoga teacher training in Victoria, BC I came to my own thoughts and views,  I believe you can have both physical and mental or spiritual enlightenment. 

Currently I work as a personal trainer in a very unique studio offering training and yoga classes. We believe in treating a person as a whole rather than focusing on just movement forward to fitness only goals. 


We believe that a person needs to be looked at and cared for as a whole as well as put time in for self care and those things span outside of just physical movement. 

That being said I think that you can have physical enlightenment. By this I mean that you can do things the same way for a period of time and get to a place where you can hit a wall or plateau, no longer feeling challenged can make a person begin to wonder why they do it anymore. 


I believe with the right support things can change. It can be as simple as how we use cuing.

By adjusting one small thing for example, stance or how we hold a weight can completely change an exercise to challenge the body in a completely different way, giving a “light bulb moment”. 

I use these things daily for clients who are ready to move on, to be challenged differently but may not always be ready to pick up a heavier weight

I add balance aspects like a balance pad or Bosu Ball to keep the body engaged, and sometimes things to work the mind like cross body movement. 


Mental enlightenment I believe happens on a lot of different levels. It can be something like coming to the realization that you are worthy and deserve more out of a relationship or job. 

Gaining confidence in your self worth, something that simply opens your eyes to a better more peaceful reality. 

Spiritual enlightenment I find something difficult to dissect without talking about faith or religion. I am not a religious person I feel like I am more spiritual. 


My belief is that there is something more than us and we are being guided in a particular way. But I also think that we have the ability to change that path to create our own outcome. 

I don’t believe in one specific god from any specific religion having very bad experience with religion and how it was presented very early on in life. I love the idea of religion in the sense that I feel it’s amazing to have a lot of people believe in something as a collective. 

But I also know that if you were to ask every single person in a congregation what their individual thoughts or ideas were they would all be different and I guess that’s the beautiful part of religion or faith. Unfortunately there are some very ugly parts to religion and faith. 


When a group as a whole or individuals are excluded for reasons that are completely out of their control such as sexual orientation or skin color and this is where it divides us. 

I guess my personal definition of enlightenment is to have one’s eyes opened to something new or a greater understanding of something in the present and this happens on a multitude of levels. 

But isn’t this why we are all here, if not to gain more knowledge, understanding, acceptance, patience, love and gratitude in this life than we had in the last.