What is Enlightenment? 

To me, enlightenment is the ability of an individual to feel a sense of calm and peace. This is a very  personal process and journey. 

Within this reflection a deeper level of understanding is created and developed with  continued practice


In order to feel enlightened, a person is often required to confront their  internal dialogues, often pushing an individual outside of their comfort zone.  We gain this from doing yoga classes or yoga teacher training.

To achieve enlightenment requires patience and lifelong learning, to surrender oneself to the process. 

With time and practice, a  person can start to peel away the different layers of the subconscious and really start to challenge their  thoughts and beliefs. 


With this dedicated practice, an awakening and liberation of the mind and feelings  occur. This results in a person developing a really deep trust in yourself and for your life

They can begin  to see and accept life beyond the pairs of opposites in the world, i.e. choosing gain versus loss. 


The  solutions to our internal problems are to determine a person’s internal sufferings, expose the roots and  causes of these sufferings

Although this can be challenging and fearful, this all needs to occur while the  person is mentally present. 


The way a person keeps their mind determines how they experience and  perceive the world. 

Thus the more an individual can align their minds with their self and soul, a purpose  of life can be discovered and enlightenment can be achieved.  


Meaning having a person believing in the feeling, continue the practice until they start to  truly internally have these emotions. And thoughts. It is choosing a practice that requires time, patience,  dedication and challenges. 

Although we often want to find the quick answers to happiness, true  enlightenment is a personal life goal we committee to ourselves and it is through living the present  journey can we continue to find these answers.